Thursday, January 9, 2014

St Louis Arch

I took a bus trip to Six Flags ST. Louis over the summer of 2013. I got these awesome shots from the bus!

Recent Concert Photography Part 1

Nick Coyle: LZZY Hale: Shauna Lisse: Matt Walst.Brad Walst. Arejay Hale:Three Days Grace

Hey! It has been quite awhile since I've logged into this blogger account. I do have another blogger account that I try to update regularly and also I am on Tumblr and I do have a photography page on Facebook and the link to that page is on my profile here. Sometimes it's hard to be on all accounts at once, but I did not forget about this page completely! I'm going to try and post here a bit more often again and I will share some of the photography I have taken lately. Hope everyone has been well! - Jackie

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recent Moon Images


Here are some parrots from the Avian rescue out of Mahomet, IL. Took these shots yesterday. :)

Windmills & Hello!

Well Hello! It certainly has been awhile since I have posted any photography on this blog. AS posted awhile ago, I have another blogger I try and update regularly with blogs and pictures ( mostly concert). I have been without internet here and there due to the company's modem going out a lot. Hopefully it is working for good now! So I can fully get back into posting on all my blogs regularly again. Anyway, this is a recent shot I took of the windmills out in the country near Ellsworth, IL.