Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wind Mills. O.O

Went out to Ellsworth yesterday! Found a few bargains. I found a plastic bin with some Bratz dolls & Bratz clothes in it for $3 bucks!! I still like toys even though I'm not a little kid anymore. Is there anything wrong with it? I don't think so.

I took some photos of the wind mills out by Ellsworth.
Gotta love those things. ;)

Also, there was a horse farm on the way to Ellsworth. The horses were posing well for the photo! LOL!

Have a safe Labor day everyone! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About Tonight & Such. :)

Earlier this evening was fun! I was kind of tired. That's why I wasn't talking up a storm LOL.
Well, went over by Sarah & David's. Have a good time. We talked about a picnic & a movie at church & I thought that would be awesome to go to. It's this Sunday - hopefully we can make it out there. That would be fun! I always enjoy seeing them & the babies.
I just feel so tired tonight blah, maybe it was because I stayed up till around 12:30am waiting for the pie to cool off enough. But, it was worth it though. :]

I will bring my camera out tomorrow so I can hopefully stop at Wal Mart to make some copies to put up in the house & make some for Sarah. =0
Here is a few photos I will share with you all. ;)

The Smell Of Freshly Baked Apple Pie. :)

I just shut the oven off about 15 minutes ago. I will remove the pie once it cools off a little more. Hopefully the oven will be cooled off enough within the next hour. So, I can remove the pie. =)
It smells really good. The last time I baked a pie was like a few weeks ago I think, or maybe it was around a month ago. So, I'm kind of rusty at baking them. A few years ago I used to bake them ALOT. I just kind of stopped. Now I am baking them again.

Tomorrow evening we are going to see Sarah, David & the babies. It's been a few weeks since I last saw them, so, it will be nice to see them again! I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try & have a blog and pictures up, too! :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Church/Garage Sale Blog...

Went to Grace Church in Normal this morning. They are having a rummage sale today & tomorrow. Didn't find much. Only found a few books, a CD & a bag of Spider-Man figures. Their prices on their toys were outrageous! $10.00 for a zip locked bag with one used Bratz doll in it! They also had Barbie dolls in zip locked bags for $7.00 each O.O. $10 bucks for a zip lock bag full of Barbie clothes, A little much don't you think? Over the past few summers I have found dolls for $0.25 cents & $0.50 cents at regular yard sales.
Goodness, I was shocked at the prices of their games, too! The books & CD's were the only things that were reasonably priced.

Labor day weekend is Ellsworth's town wide garage sales. Which is always a fun town to go to. Always find bargains out there! I remember one year, we found a lawn mower for $20 nearly like new! It still works today!

Garage sales are fun to go to. You just never know what you are gonna find. Alot of the toys/books/games I have found at the sales were like new!

I am looking for a CD rack. If I don't find a decent one before the sales are over for the summer/fall, I'll just have to buy one at the store. I have bought so many CD's over the past year. So, there is no place for them on my current rack no more, LOL.

Mr. Bean dancing, LOL.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feels Like Fall Is Upon Us.

The weather is starting to cool down. I remember this time last year we were near 100 degrees! Seems like this summer was not nearly as hot as it was last year. Anyone agree? LOL. Supposed to get down to 59 degrees for the low. Temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 70's for the highs for the rest of this week.

Anyway, I am up late tonight because I am watching a movie. Batman Begins to be exact. Pretty good movie. I don't know if I can stay awake much longer, I really feel sleepy.

Not to much else going on. Trying to decide what concerts to go to this fall there is about 3 to choose from & I wanna try and make it to at least two of them. I'm hoping BB & 3DG start touring again. I miss them very much.

Later today, I'm going to bake banana nut muffins. This will be my first time baking those kind of muffins. We'll see how they turn out. I'll try & post about them if they turn out half way decent haha.

Anyway, Batman Begins just ended so I am off to bed.
Nighty Night. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Come To Realize........

my ex is: No good. But, I knew that long ago. :)

marriage is: Probably not in my future. I don't think it is anyway, but who knows.

I have a friend I: Miss.

I miss: Sarah & the babies.

I wish I could forget: Those bumpese people.

I love: The warm weather.

I hate: Hypocrisy.

I want: Taco Bell, LOL.

I need: To buy a few new DVD's

I lost: A bit of weight.

I am: Doing this & watching Batman Begins.

I haven't: Updated my blog here in a bit.

My parents: Rock.

I'm sick of: Liars.

my handwriting is: Ok.

the biggest secret I have is: Nothing.

cheating is: WRONG!

sports are: Really not for me.

football is: Boring to watch.

the weather lately is: Starting to cool down.

I can't wait for is: My next concert. :)

something else I can't wait for is: To hang out with Sarah.

something I'm nervous about is: Nothing.

something I want to save is: Coins again.

I take a lot of: Pictures.

I wish I had more: Minutes on the cell.

my favorite soda is: Umm, don't really have one.

something I say too much is: Gosh.

something there is too much of is: Hypocrisy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Just going through some quotes from some of my favorite movies. Wanted to post some on here. :]

The Joker: If you're good at something, never do it for free.

Ghost Rider: Your soul is stained with the blood of innocents.

The Punisher: Those who do evil to others - the killers, psychos, sadists - you will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me... The Punisher.