Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About Tonight & Such. :)

Earlier this evening was fun! I was kind of tired. That's why I wasn't talking up a storm LOL.
Well, went over by Sarah & David's. Have a good time. We talked about a picnic & a movie at church & I thought that would be awesome to go to. It's this Sunday - hopefully we can make it out there. That would be fun! I always enjoy seeing them & the babies.
I just feel so tired tonight blah, maybe it was because I stayed up till around 12:30am waiting for the pie to cool off enough. But, it was worth it though. :]

I will bring my camera out tomorrow so I can hopefully stop at Wal Mart to make some copies to put up in the house & make some for Sarah. =0
Here is a few photos I will share with you all. ;)