Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Come To Realize........

my ex is: No good. But, I knew that long ago. :)

marriage is: Probably not in my future. I don't think it is anyway, but who knows.

I have a friend I: Miss.

I miss: Sarah & the babies.

I wish I could forget: Those bumpese people.

I love: The warm weather.

I hate: Hypocrisy.

I want: Taco Bell, LOL.

I need: To buy a few new DVD's

I lost: A bit of weight.

I am: Doing this & watching Batman Begins.

I haven't: Updated my blog here in a bit.

My parents: Rock.

I'm sick of: Liars.

my handwriting is: Ok.

the biggest secret I have is: Nothing.

cheating is: WRONG!

sports are: Really not for me.

football is: Boring to watch.

the weather lately is: Starting to cool down.

I can't wait for is: My next concert. :)

something else I can't wait for is: To hang out with Sarah.

something I'm nervous about is: Nothing.

something I want to save is: Coins again.

I take a lot of: Pictures.

I wish I had more: Minutes on the cell.

my favorite soda is: Umm, don't really have one.

something I say too much is: Gosh.

something there is too much of is: Hypocrisy!