Saturday, May 10, 2008

I was looking through the message boards on this one web site & I came across this.
Her mom passed away this past January.

I wanted to share this with everyone.

I wanted to tell everyone that still has their mother to cherish the time you do have, because it can be taken away from you without warning at any minute.

Put aside all your indifferences for one day and let her know how much you care. Not with jewelry, or money, but with words. Make her a card, take her somewhere she loves that you can talk and catch up and get all the info from her you can.

Ask the little things that you have always wanted to know but never had a chance to ask, because those are the things you will want to know most when you can't ask the questions.

Take pictures and video and any other momentos that you can to remember your time.

Tell her you love her until she is annoyed. Then tell her once more. Hug her, hold her hand, and just be.

I miss my mom so much, and these are the things that I wish I could have had more of. So for the lucky ones, please be grateful for the gift you have in your mother.


Sarah Jane Meister said...

That is really beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for sharing that.

Sarah Jane Meister said...

If could would, please continue praying that David and I can move out soon - we just found out tonight that much to our suprise J.R. and His Wife are moving in next door. I just can't live next to them. I am sure you understand all that!