Monday, June 9, 2008

See what boredom does?

LOL. I'm sitting here bored. So, I'm gonna take a survey.

[name?] Jackie.

[age?] 18.

[birthday?] 10/1/89

[gender?] F

[height?] 5'5"

[single or taken?] Single.

[hair color?] Reddish.

[hair style?] Medium length.

[eye color?] Brown

[pie or cake?] Lately, I like pie alot more.

[chocolate or vanilla?] Chocolate.

[rain or sunshine?] Both.

[movies or plays?] Movies.

[cd player or mp3 player?] CD player.

[do you like taking surveys?] Yeah, when there is nothing else to do.

[do you really care about finding a girlfriend/boyfriend?] Ehh

[do you like to dance?] Yes.

[do you like to cook?] Yes.

[do you like music?] Love it!

[have you had a headache today?] No.

[do you have posters hanging in your room?] Yes I do. :)

[do you read during the summer?] I read all the time.

[do you like mushrooms?] Yes.

[are your computer's speakers on?] Yes.

[have you ever moved to a different house?] Yes.

[what color is your keyboard?] White.

[do you like blue or black ink?] Black.

[do you like tape or glue?] Tape.

[are you tired right now?] A little.

[favorite season?] I like them all. But I love summer the most.

[your current location?] Central, IL.

[your heritage?] Irish/Italian.

[do you get along with your parents?] Yes.

[do you smoke?] No.

[do you drink?] No.

[your religion?] Christian.

[do you have a cell phone?] Yeah, but I don't use it.

[your bedtime?] Anytime I feel like it.

[lefty or righty?] Righty.

[do you live for the moment?] Yes.

[do you take walks in the rain?] Yes, when it's warm out. :)

[do you drive?] Not yet.

[do you want to go to college?] Yes.

[do you dye your hair?] Yes. shhh ;)

[do you wear makeup?] No.

[have you been out of the country?] No.

[have you ever slept all day?] No.

[have you ever had an operation?] No.

[have you ever cried in public?] Yes.

[can you speak another language?] Not really.

[do you wear contacts?] No.

[do you wear glasses?] No.

[are you listening to music right now?] Not at the moment.

[have your parents seen your myspace?] Yes.


Sarah Jane Meister said...

I loved this post! I learned so much about you. :) BTW I LOVE your new profile picture. You look so beautiful!