Monday, November 3, 2008


Do you like paper or plastic bags better? Plastic. They Don't rip as easily, lol.

What is your favorite brand of water? Doesn't matter I don't really drink water.

What country would you like to visit the most? Canada & Ireland.

What color are your kitchen walls? Wallpaper, lol.

Do you like wearing scarves? Only when it's really cold out.

Do you like to read newspapers or watch the news? Either is fine.

What color is your tongue? Somewhat blue because of the candy I ate.

Can you do a cartwheel? No.

How many teeth do you have? I have them all.

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? If so how many, and where at? Nope.

What is your favorite type of cookie? Oatmeal raisin, pumpkin pecan & Chocolate chip, lol.

What color is your comb/brush? Dark blue.

What color were the last pair of shoes that you wore? Black.

Name a local supermarket: IGA

What is your favorite type of juice? Apple

Do you think that there is life on other planets? Could be.

What is your favorite fruit? Kiwi

Do you have your own computer/laptop? Yes.