Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's All Over For You!

Do you carry chapstick in your pocket? Yes, I do. :)

Are you singing along to anything right now? My MySpace profile song. :)

Did you dream at all last night? I don't think I did.

What time did you wake up today? Around 8am.

If invited on a band's tour bus, would you take the offer? Sure. I have before.

Are you talking to anyone online? No, nobody is on right now.

Who is the bassist in the song you are listening to? Brad. :)

Any memories from the shirt you are wearing? Nah, I just got this one at Hot Topic a few years back.

Have you ever been to Manhattan? No. I want to go so much though. Maybe next year.

Is there a stuffed animal you still take places with you? No, all my stuffed animals stay in my room.

Is there something else you should be doing? Not right now.

What season were you born in? Fall.

What have you eaten today? Nothing yet. Waiting for food to get done in the oven. :)

Last thing you watched on television? Scrubs. :D

Is there anything you CANNOT wait for? The Dark Knight to come out on Tuesday.

How tall are you? 5'5" last time I checked.

Last thing that made you smile? Looking at Adam's picture. :)

Have you ever eaten Pop Rocks and drank Coca-Cola at the same time? Nope.

At concerts, do you buy merch? Yes, 99% of the time.

Are you a lazy person? Nope.

What is the worst band to see live? Not a one. :)

Got any plans for tonight? Yeah, not big ones though.

What is your icon on your messenger? It's an animation of Brad, Adam & me.

First concert you went to? Village people.

What venue was that at? Six Flags.

Is that in your state? Nope, it was in Missouri.

Have you ever been out of state for a concert? Yep.